Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whipped Cream and Berries for Breakfast - Erotic Short Story

 This was a writing prompt for an erotic fiction story on a website.  We had to use our lipstick in a story, and mine was Whipped Berries, so this is Whipped Cream and Berries for Breakfast.  :)  Warning:  18 and over ONLY!!!

Ginny left work, stressed, and ready for some relaxation.  She stopped in her favorite bar on the way home, and sidled up to some friends, other regulars.  She had a couple of drinks, and when her friends suggested she go here or there with them, declined.  She noticed a guy, decidedly not a regular, standing in the corner.  He was blonde, with longish surfer hair, with broad shoulders and a small waist.  And he looked like a god.  With a start, she realized he was staring right back at her.  Leaving her friends still talking, she walked over to him, intending to introduce herself.  "Who are you?" she asked instead.

Rather than be insulted, Braedon smiled.  "I'm Braedon.  And who are you?" he laughed gently.

"Damn, you're sexy.  Oh, I'm Ginny.  I'm an advertising executive.  Twenty-eight, never been married, no kids.  Want to come home with me?"

Her combination of innocence and brazen flirting was refreshing and alluring.  "Well, I think you're pretty sexy, too.  I'm a writer, thirty-two, married once, divorced eight years ago, no kids.  Are you sober?"

She laughed.  "Damn, if only dating were this simple.  Yes, I'm sober.  So?"

He looked at her a moment longer, as if to gauge for himself whether she was sober or not, then said simply, "Yes" and extended his hand.  

They drove to her place in separate vehicles, and when they walked in the door, she got them each another drink.  She sat next to him on the couch.  "I'm not always like this.  But I'm an adult, and I know what I want.  Do you need small talk tonight?"

He said "no" as he reached for her.  He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her gently.  There was something about this woman that pulled him in.  He wasn't normally quite like this either, but somehow it didn't seem tawdry, just... well, right.

"I don't need gentle, Braedon."  She tugged on his hair as he deepened the kiss, then slid her fingers down the front of his shirt, popping his pearl snaps as she went along.  Her hands slid into the hair on his chest, fingernails scraping his nipples gently.  She felt her sex growing wet as she heard his deep moan.  She climbed in his lap, sliding his shirt off of him, feeling the evidence of his arousal beneath her.  Their tongues dueled.

His fingers trembled on the buttons of her blouse, as he gently pried them loose, then set his teeth on her neck.  His lips slid along her jaw, tangled into her neatly coiffed brown hair, pulling it free to tumble around her shoulders.  At her indrawn breath, he slid his hands around her breasts, over the lace barely covering her.  Quickly, he dipped in, rolling her nipple between his fingers.

She arched her back, grinding into his arousal as she did.  Taking a deep breath, she stood, pulling him with her.  Leading the way to the bedroom, she stopped beside the bed, and finished undressing herself.  As he did the same, she reached into her nightstand drawer, and removed a condom, laying it on the nightstand.

Without a word, she slid into the bed, holding her hand out to him.  He slid into the bed after her, and pulled her against him.  Her breasts were crushed into his chest, his arm deceptively lazy as it caressed her back, and down to her ass.  She moaned just as he did, arched her back so that her breasts rubbed against his chest, and pulled back from him slightly.  As if he knew exactly what she wanted, he slid lower, still kneading her ass, pulling her breast into his mouth and drawing hard on the nipple.  She gasped and stretched her legs wider as she felt his fingers wrap around her thighs, toward her center.

He switched to her other breast, drawing hard, scraping his teeth gently on her nipple and moaned.  He felt her hands tangle in his hair, holding him to her.  Her legs widened and caught his cock between her thighs, then squeezed together.  He felt his cock jump as it was enveloped, and moaned quietly.  Suddenly, his hands were everywhere.  One wrapped around her, holding her tight to him.  The other reached back up to her face, and as his thumb grazed her mouth, she sucked it in, suckling hard, playing her tongue around it.  He groaned louder, not sure he wouldn't disgrace himself then and there.  Pushing back from her, he pressed her shoulders to the mattress, and knelt between her legs, lips and tongue trailing down to her center.  As he neared her pussy, he groaned again with her obvious arousal, and flicked his tongue at her hooded clit.  She climaxed immediately and he lapped up her cream, exploring every last bit of her.  He felt her thighs tighten around his head again, and sucked her clit into his mouth, whipping the small flesh with his tongue as he slid two fingers inside of her.  She clenched him hard as she came, and he drew out her climax.  Sliding an arm under her back, he pulled her with him, rolling them to their sides, and reached up for the condom.  Quickly he sheathed himself.

Ginny turned on to her hands and knees, wanting to feel him behind her.  He covered her quickly, and she pressed back against him as she felt his cock at her entrance.  He reached around her to touch her clit, as he sank in to the hilt in one thrust.  His balls slapped against her as his body pressed into hers.  She moaned loudly and he stilled.  "Again" she insisted, letting him know that she was not hurt.  So he set a furious pace, stroking back until just the head of his cock was inside, then slamming back in.  One arm was wrapped around her waist, the other pressed down on the small of her back, holding her so that he could slam into her again and again.  Soon she felt herself tightening again.  Beyond any finesse, she cried out, "Ohmygod, Braedon, come now.  Come with me."

Not normally very vocal while in the throes of passion, Braedon was surprised to hear his own groans as Ginny tightened almost painfully around him.  He tightened his arm around her waist, pulling her back into him, as he slammed into her a final time and came with a shout.  Spent, and afraid that he wouldn't be able to hold himself up much longer, he rolled them to the side.  Gulping deep breaths, he lazily stroked her shoulder and chest.

"Damn," she gasped as he slid out of her carefully.  After a few minutes, he got up and went to the restroom.  Ginny had rolled over, facing him, and he kissed her gently as he pulled her to him.  They each dozed for a while.

When he awoke next, he felt his cock enveloped in Ginny's mouth, her hands gripping his thighs as she suckled him.  She allowed his cock to slide completely out of her mouth, and she would take him in his hands, licking his head and shaft like a lolipop, before sliding him deep into her mouth again.  In the world halfway between waking and sleeping, she took him with her mouth, groaning as she did, vibrating him quickly to another shouting orgasm.  Then he slept again.

When he woke again in the dark, he explored every inch of her body with his teeth and tongue, until she was crying out, begging him to give her release, shouting for him to fuck her.  He gasped out "condom", and she fumbled around, slapped it in his hand, shouting "now, Braedon.  God, please, fuck me now."  So he did fuck her, covering her body with his this time, and fucking her slow then hard and fast, alternating rhythm until she had trouble saying anything at all.  When he came this time, it was again with a shout, "Oh god, yes.  Ginny!"

The next time he woke, it was morning.  Dawn was just coloring the sky.  He watched her sleep for a few minutes, and then made his way to the kitchen.  Downing a glass of water, he located the coffee and started some brewing, then looked into her refrigerator.  Smiling, he realized she was a take-out type of girl when he found a  carton of mile, container of chinese, some whipped cream and berries, and ice cream in her fridge.  Settling for the whipped cream and berries, he arranged them on a plate, poured two cups of coffee, and went back to the bedroom.

She awoke to the smell of coffee.  Stretching langorously, she opened her eyes to find Braedon setting down a cup of coffee beside her, holding a plate of berries topped with whipped cream.  She smiled at him, "well, good morning, handsome."

He smiled back, "good morning beautiful.  I brought you what you have that passes for breakfast."

"Coffee.  I smell coffee."

He pressed the cup into her hands, and she drank gratefully.  Eyeing him over the rim, she tried to decide how to play her hand, now that it was daylight.  She didn't know this guy, had barely exchanged words with him before taking him to her bed, and wasn't sure what to do or say.  After the amazing night they'd had, she wanted to get to know him, but wasn't sure if he was interested in anything other than what they'd already shared.

His eyes sparkling with mischief, as if he could read her mind, he said, "Why don't we try to get to know each other today?  Can I ask you on a date today, Ginny?"

Relieved that he was thinking along the same lines, she responded, "well, who could turn down an offer like that?  Yes, Braedon, I'd love to go on a date with you.  Could you hand me your shirt so I can get showered and dressed?"

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